What You're Not Doing For Your Hair


Ok lovlies, the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz called, and he wants his hair back. I can’t be the only one who’s been having some serious hair problems.  This means we have to talk some serious stuff.  What are you not doing for your hair?? 




Seasonal Effects
The winter season doesn't have as much humidity as the summer seasons.  That being said, your hair is getting far less the amount of moisture that it should!  The summer season is full of sunshine, chlorine, sea salt, etc that can also be causing factors.  


Sleeping Habits
Your own pillowcase can be a moisture sucker! Cotton and Bamboo are the 2 most absorbent fabrics. They can be sucking the moisture straight out of your hair while you are sleeping.  Sneaky! 


Product has a HUGE impact on the quality and longevity of your hair.  Using the wrong products can quickly send your hair in the wrong direction! Think of product as your hair insurance. Store bought products my seem really good for your hair, they leave your hair feeling so smooth and silky and shiny. But what they really do is leave a film and a coating on each individual strand.  Also, they can strip your color! Yikes! Your shampoo should not strip your color.  Not using a heat protectant, especially if you're a heat addict, can fry the ends of your poor hair!  You wouldn’t take your Ferrari through a cheap junky car wash would you? So you shouldn’t be washing your hair with cheap junky products.  


 Now that we have identified some of the problems, how do we fix them? Unfortunately we cannot change the way Mother Nature works, but we can work with her and fix your hair.   




Deep Condition:
A deep condition is an intense conditioner that you leave on your hair for about 20 mins (depending on the manufacturer's instructions) .  It helps with intense hydration, smoothing and some contain protein! These are NOT  protein treatments.

Olaplex is a multi step process.  Step No. 1 is a concentrated salon step that enters the cuticle and rebuilds broken disulfide bonds.  It begins healing and repairing your hair from existing damage and protects it from future damage. Step No. 2 is the second part in the salon step that continues in the healing process, restoring and rebuilding broken bonds as well as sealing the cuticle.  Resulting in the strong, healthy, and shiny hair you’ve been craving!U This can be done as a standalone treatment or it can be added to your color formula.  Step No. 3 a take home treatment that you can use about once a week to ensure your healthy hair.  Ask your stylist about how you can get your hands on it! 


Change your Pillowcase
I suggest going with a satin or silk pillowcase. Your pillow can also be causing those dang rats nests you wake up to!  Not only will your silk pillow steal less moisture from your hair, but it was also allow your hair to glide across it while you toss and turn at night! 


Use The Correct Tools

Using the correct tools for your hair is crucial to keeping your hair strong. Never brush your hair while it's wet unless you are using a Wet Brush, a wide tooth comb, or your fingers! That's it!  Also, make sure you are using gentle hairbands.  Try to get none creasing hair ties. Blushe offers some great fabric elastic hair ties that come in the cutest colors.  Plus a large portion of the proceeds go towards stopping human trafficking.   I offer these to all my clients. InvisiBobble is another great brand.  They have the "phone cord" hair ties with many different sizes and holds to choose from. There are times when you need a super strong heavy duty elastic to hold your hair in place.  Using a butterfly clip, or a jaws clip while you are just working around the house are great for keeping your hair back in a very non restrictive manner.  


Use Only Professional Products
Ask me! I love when my clients ask about products! Just because you can find the same product line at the grocery store DOES NOT mean that it is the same stuff that I use in the studio!! The formula can be a little altered or they can be expired products. Bottom line is, you never really know what you're truly getting.  I can have your products ready for you at your appointment or you can come pick them up at your convenience.  I take orders all the time and am constantly fulfilling them.


Now that you know the problems,  get out there and fix them! There's no better time to get in the habit of treating your hair really well than right now.  I offer all the treatments mentioned above in my studio and would love to get you in to get your hair in its prime condition.  Remember your hair is the crown you never take off so we need to take as best care of it as we possibly can! 


Xx, HJW Styles